My name is Christopher Agbega and I’m from Ghana. For over a decade, I have lived with a degenerative condition known as Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy, diagnosed nine years too late.

It's been a little over 2 years now since I got involved in the Our Views Our Voices initiative and was part of the team that developed the Ghana Advocacy Agenda of People with Living with NCDs. My experience with the NCD movement has been incredible. Through my NCD Diary I share my journey from being diagnosed to becoming an advocate. Listen in!

Podcast Diary

21 November 2020


Podcast Diary

21 November 2020

How I lost and found my strength

Podcast Diary

28 November 2020

How I learnt to demand change

NCD Diaries

What good can come out of this condition? All that period that I didn't have a diagnosis meant that I had a lived experience that was a very important tool to bring in change.

Christopher Agbega, Ghana


The NCD Diaries use rich and immersive multimedia approaches to share lived experiences to drive change, using a public narrative framework.

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How I lost and found my strength

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