Listening to people living with NCDs
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Meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs includes listening to a cross-section of people living with different NCD conditions to understand common needs and priorities.

Consulting people living with NCDs is central to the Our Views, Our Voices initiative. It facilitates a better understanding of the daily impact of NCDs on people’s lives, informs advocacy and contextualises recommendations presented to decision makers.

NCD Diaries Wall of Dreams chalkboard

The Our Views, Our Voices consultation from 2017 served as the basis of the Advocacy Agenda of People Living With NCDs, which was built with the knowledge, first-hand experiences, and recommendations of nearly 2000 people living with NCDs from around the world. The Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs calls for opportunities for involvement of people living with NCDs in government decision-making bodies and processes.

Similar consultation efforts facilitated by national NCD alliances have led to the production of national advocacy agendas in Ghana, Kenya, Mexico and India. Several other national and regional advocacy agendas are planned or currently underway in various countries and regions.

The Our Views, Our Voices consultation in 2019 informed advocacy efforts in the lead up to the 2019 United Nations High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage, calling for enabling community engagement in Universal Health Coverage design, development and accountability processes.


COVID-19 and Building Back Better

In 2020, the consultation aimed to gather insights of people living with NCDs on challenges faced during COVID-19.

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Building the Advocacy Agenda

In 2017, the consultation aimed to understand the common needs, challenges and priorities of people living with NCDs.

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I would say that living with a chronic disease always has tradeoffs in terms of quality... The impact includes a low grade sense of dread that the NCD will require costly interventions but also the opportunity cost of making choices about health based on cost savings rather than health benefits.

Lived experience of cancer and autoimmune disorder, United States