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The experience of living with multiple chronic conditions

The first series of the NCD Diaries project will illustrate the realities and experiences of living with multiple chronic conditions; that is, either two or more NCDs, or NCDs and an infectious disease (e.g. HIV, TB, COVID-19, etc.).

Through their Diaries, the lived experience advocates will have the opportunity to highlight the growing need to reorient health systems to integrate care packages across multiple chronic conditions, through a holistic approach that puts people first.

This first NCD Diaries series will run from April through July 2021.​ Please read the Selection Criteria and Process for more details before submitting your Expression of Interest.

Please note that the Expression of Interest form is only open to people with lived experiences affiliated to/involved with NCD Alliance members, including national and regional NCD alliances.

For the first series, we are seeking to support and promote NCD Diaries that reflect the first hand experience of living with multiple chronic conditions.

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) represent a wide range of chronic conditions or disorders such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, dementia, mental health conditions, obesity among many others. NCDs can exist as standalone conditions, or increasingly, as ​multimorbidities​ – the coexistence of two or more chronic conditions which may be infectious or noncommunicable, including those that impact mental health.

Many people living with multimorbidities, often navigate health systems that fail to adequately address all aspects of their treatment, care and support. The prevalence of people living with multiple conditions has grown significantly over the past 20 years, and associated healthcare costs entail a catastrophic economic burden for households and public expenditure.

These lived experiences need to be highlighted and amplified.

NCDs can exist in clusters (e.g. diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease; arthritis and depression; cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and there are bidirectional relationships between certain NCDs and infectious diseases (e.g. diabetes and TB; cervical cancer and HIV, mental health and other chronic conditions). It is estimated that 1.7 billion people (more than one-fifth of the world population) currently live with an NCD that puts them at risk of severe and life-threatening complications from other conditions, including infections such as COVID-19. People living with HIV (PLHIV) and TB are more susceptible to many NCDs, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, certain cancers including cervical and lung cancers, and depression. People living with common co-morbid chronic conditions (e.g. HIV and hypertension, TB and diabetes, hypertension and diabetes) – face increased physical and financial barriers to access essential treatment, exacerbating impacts on health and wellbeing.

Health services need to be reorganised to address people’s needs holistically, effectively and equitably, and to make comprehensive use of resources and services, especially in settings where these are most limited.

Selection Criteria

Motivation for becoming an NCD Diarist

Statements of motivation should align well with the objectives of the NCD Diaries – providing compelling documentation of lived experiences, as well as recommendations/calls to action to strengthen the NCD response, and inspiring other people living with NCDs to share their stories.

Creativity of the NCD Diaries concept

The NCD Diaries will use in-depth, multimedia-rich and immersive approaches to share lived experiences to drive change. Applicants will be encouraged to share their preferred diary format (first and second choices) and their most creative ideas on developing their NCD Diaries in a compelling and engaging way. Prior experience of communications campaigns and media activities is a bonus. A ​Practical Guide on Creating NCD Diaries​ and Sample Diaries (visual, podcast and written) are available as a guidance tool.

Relevance to thematic focus of the NCD Diaries series

Applicants will be encouraged to demonstrate alignment of their NCD Diary concept with the thematic focus of the NCD Diaries series and a clear reflection of their local context.

NCD advocacy experience

Demonstrated experience in advocacy, campaigning on NCDs, and activities relevant to the ​Our Views, Our Voices​ initiative.


NCD Alliance is committed to ensuring that the NCD Diaries project is as representative as possible in terms of a broad range of factors including age, gender, NCD condition, geographic location, and occupation.

Time commitment

Upon selection, Diarists will be involved with the NCD Diaries project over a span of four months, which will include onboarding and training; content creation and publication; and promotion efforts aligned with advocacy and communications opportunities. We encourage Diarists to be committed for the entire duration of the NCD Diaries series.


Time Commitment for Diarists

Following selection​, the NCD Diarists’ involvement as part of Series One will span approximately 4 months (April–July 2021).

Diarist onboarding​ will last 2 weeks, which involves a self-paced introductory online training, including one live webinar session. During this stage, Diarists will develop a personal diary plan. (April 2021,​ TBC)​ .

Diary production​ over 3 months (April–June 2021).

  • Visual format:​ Capture 5 images and produce a photo essay over 3 months

  • Audio and text formats:​ Prepare 1 diary entry per month over 3 months

Promotion of diaries​ will start in July 2021 for the visual format and April–July for audio and text formats.

Attend a wrap-up reflection session​ and participate in an evaluation process in July 2021.


Expressing your interest in becoming a Diarist

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please use the form below to ​submit your expression of interest by 16 March 2021​.


Selection Process

Expressions of interest will be evaluated by a review panel. All individuals who express interest in the NCD Diaries will be contacted directly regarding the outcome of the process.

Download the Practical Guide

This practical guide provides diarists with information and tools needed to conceptualise, create, publish and promote their own NCD Diaries using the preferred media formats.

Download 'Life in Action' NCD Diaries guide

Thank you for considering this opportunity to share your lived experience and call for action in the global, regional, and national NCD response.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the NCD Alliance at [email protected]


The Expression of Interest form is currently closed. The next NCD Diaries series will be launched July/August 2021 (TBC).

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